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About Us

Our Story

TopMortgageLenders.com was born from a desire to provide fair and accurate company reviews in an industry that is plagued by unfair and inaccurate customer sentiment.

TopMortgageLenders.com (TML) is a mortgage lender review site that was created to bring experts and consumers together in an effort to spotlight the best mortgage lenders in the industry. TML employs leading experts to research and review mortgage lenders, using its averaged ranking from three separate mortgage lender review sites, customer reviews, and expert analysis.

What makes TML Different

These days review sites are popping up everywhere. Every site touts its own reviews, and yet they lack input from leading industry experts. It's essentially the same as asking your gardener to review different lawyers and their practices. It doesn't make sense!

TopMortgageLenders.com approaches expert reviews in an entirely different way:

  • First, we use real experts to dive deep into the world of mortgage lending. Our experts are well versed in loan requirements and rates.
  • Second, we actually talk with the mortgage lenders themselves. Our information comes from the source.
  • Third, we keep it unbiased. Our averaged ranking system helps us discover the general online consensus of each company from expert sites.

Expert Company Reviews

We leverage experts in the mortgage industry to research and create our reviews. Behind the curtain of TopMortgageLenders.com is a team with a unique set of skills and experiences. TopMortgageLenders.com is a platform and a resource; we're not just another review site with some random person sitting on their couch ranking companies based on affiliate payouts. We fuse the best experts with the best consumer voices.

The TML Mission

The mortgage industry has exploded during the last decade especially with rates as low as they are (currently some of the lowest rates in history).

During these last years hundreds of mortgage lenders have popped up throughout the United States.

Some of these mortgage lenders and banks have strived to sincerely offer quality and fair loans with good rates. Unfortunately there have been dozens of mortgage companies who have blurred the lines of ethics and charged unknowing consumers obscene amounts of money for little to no service at all.

We at TopMortgageLenders.com are committed to help separate the best from the worst. Rather than seeking out the worst mortgage lenders, we've strived to praise and bring to light the lenders and banks in the industry.