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Quick Look at AmeriSave Mortgage

Company Overview
  • Low Fees
  • Excellent Rates
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Quick Closing Time
  • Many Mortgage Types
  • Highly Rated Loan Officers
  • AmeriSave Mortgage is highly rated by its customers for the fast and easy mortgage acquisition process and excellent customer service.

    Founded in 2002, AmeriSave has funded over $84+ billion in home loans as of December 2020. The highly ranked mortgage lender is licensed in 49 states and concentrates on providing low rates through advanced technology and lower overhead costs.

    AmeriSave believes that a key component of a positive customer experience is to provide transparent pricing and easy online application; that’s why AmeriSave relies on its fintech to provide a seamless mortgage experience for every customer.

    Do Customers Like AmeriSave?

    On their website, AmeriSave claims that 94% of their customers say they would recommend the lender to friends and family.

    This claim is partly supported by Best Company customer reviews, having received an outstanding 4.4 out of 5 star rating from its customers with over 650 total reviews.

    On our trusted customer reviews platform, 72% of all of the company’s reviews are 5-star reviews. Not only does AmeriSave receive positive reviews, but the company is extremely consistent in reaching out to and resolving customer complaints as well.

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    AmeriSave Mortgage Rates & Fees

    Because the total cost of a mortgage depends the down payment, total origination fees, and the terms of the loan (duration of the loan), the cost varies wildly from customer to customer.

    The best we can do is provide a rating of average rates in comparison to the industry. So, let’s take a look at AmeriSave’s origination fees and average mortgage rates.

    AmeriSave’s origination fee is average compared to the rest of the industry — we’ve given AmeriSave fees a ‘good’ rating in comparison to other mortgage lenders.

    As for mortgage rates, AmeriSave ranks pretty highly in comparison to other companies, providing lower than average mortgage rates and earning 4 out of 5 rating from NerdWallet and an ‘excellent’ rating from TopMortgageLenders.com.

    AmeriSave Mortgage Requirements

    Obviously the loan requirements will vary depending on which loan you want, but just as guideline, we’ll show the mortgage requirements for FHA loans and Conventional loans from AmeriSave.

    FHA Loan Requirements

    Potential FHA loan borrowers should have a minimum credit score of 580 for consideration and a credit score above 640 for loans exceeding $700,000.

    Borrowers must also meet the 3.5% minimum down payment, receive an appraisal by a HUD-approved appraiser if needed (no appraisal necessary needed if streamlined), obtain mortgage insurance, and must purchase the home as a primary residence.

    Conventional Loan Requirements

    Conventional loans from AmeriSave require a 620 minimum credit score, a recent full exterior and interior appraisal if needed (some conventional loans eligible for appraisal waiver), and cannot be used to purchase a mobile home or manufactured home.

    Borrowers must also maintain a job throughout the loan application and payment process without making any additional large purchases, like a new car or real estate investment.

    AmeriSave Customer Service

    The customer service at AmeriSave is excellent, as is evidenced by the positive customer reviews the company has received. There is further evidence of a high quality customer service due to the fact that AmeriSave representatives are highly active in responding to and resolving customer concerns.

    Our Recommendation

    We highly recommend AmeriSave to any potential customers looking for confirmation that this is a good company. Though we believe that all customers should compare each of the top lenders before making a decision, AmeriSave has earned the top spot at #1 and we stand by our high opinion of the mortgage lender.

    The 4.4 star rating from previous customers says it all — AmeriSave loan officers and customer service professionals put their entire focus into providing an effective and hassle free mortgage process. Additionally, customers will be hard pressed to find better rates than AmeriSave, which has earned a 4 out of 5 score from NerdWallet and an ‘excellent’ rating from TopMortgageLenders.com concerning mortgage rates.

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