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Quick Look at LendingTree

  • Excellent Resource for New Borrowers
  • Many Rate/Fee Options

Unlike the rest of the companies on this site, LendingTree is not a mortgage lender. Instead, it focuses on collecting your financial goals and mortgage information, and then populating a list of the best mortgages from many different lenders.

This unique approach to mortgage lending allows future mortgage borrowers to browse many options at once. We recommend LendingTree for customers who are having trouble comparing options, have unique financial constraints, or are looking for the best home loan possible.

LendingTree also provides recommendations for personal loans, credit cards, insurance, debt relief, and many other financial services.

Do Customers Like LendingTree?

While customer reviews on Best Company are admittedly sparse, they have received a 3.9 out of 5 star rating from previous customers (as of August 2022), which is pretty good in comparison to other lenders in the industry.

Alternatively, LendingTree has received a 4.5/5 star rating on google with over 660 customer reviews (as of April 2021).

As with most large lending companies, customer reviews will vary wildly. Positive customer reviews detail the stress-free research process, where LendingTree’s easy-to-use platform does the heavy lifting. Other positive LendingTree reviews include helpful customer representatives and the added ability to find lower rates and fees.

Of course, they have their fair share of negative LendingTree reviews as well. These negative reviews mostly refer to the fact that LendingTree gives your information over to its partners (the company you select), who then calls you to go over your mortgage process.

The negative reviews are likely in response to failed leads and the follow up attempts to get your business. Many reviews talk about 3rd party companies cold calling after having used LendingTree’s service.

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LendingTree Mortgage Rates & Fees

The mortgage lending industry is frustratingly tightlipped about listing their fees for everyone to see. Because of that, LendingTree likely has a difficult time serving up accurate pricing information in every case.

For our purposes, we rate each lender by their average mortgage rate compared to the industry median. Because LendingTree is able to serve up a wide variety of lending options, customers can get great rates and low fees through the lending referral site. That’s why we’ve given LendingTree an ‘excellent’ rating for both mortgages rates and origination fees.

LendingTree Mortgage Requirements

Customers will benefit from the fact that you’ll be able to compare not only the mortgage rates/fees from each company, but also things like the minimum credit score required, minimum down payment, and accepted loan amounts.

This wide display of options essentially guarantees you’ll be able to find a lower-than-average mortgage fee, even if you have less-than-perfect credit history. For the purposes of this section, the average minimum credit score required is 620 and minimum down payment required is 3%.

However, customers are given the option to buy points during the mortgage acquisition in order to lower their mortgage rate. This means you’ll end up paying more upfront, but less in the future.

Be sure to look into the purchase of points with whatever lender you choose prior to buying your new home.

LendingTree Customer Service

Most of LendingTree’s service is done online. The company has invested heavily in creating an intuitive platform that takes your information and goals and pairs them with the most helpful/affordable options. The ease of use and the service pairing is what makes their platform so desirable and is the main catalyst for positive reviews from previous LendingTree customers.

From what we’ve seen in customer reviews, we believe that LendingTree provides good customer service.

Our Recommendation

LendingTree is another tool for potential mortgage borrowers to use to narrow down their search for the perfect lending option. Those interested in finding the best lender by fees, reputation, and mortgage lending experience will be hard pressed to find a better platform than LendingTree. However, some customers have expressed frustration with LendingTree after receiving numerous cold calls from 3rd parties following the use of their platform.

We recommend LendingTree for first-time borrowers and customers who don’t mind being referred to a 3rd-party lender.

How We Rank

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