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Quick Look at Innovative Mortgage Alliance

  • Customers Report Low Rates/Fees
  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Qualified Loan Officers
  • Same-Day Preapprovals

Innovative Mortgage Alliance is a mortgage and refinancing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2010, the company focuses on transparency to make the mortgage process as stress free as possible.

With a perfect 5.0 score from over 50 customers on Best Company, Innovative Mortgage Alliance offers a suite of tools and calculators to help borrowers measure their financial preparedness for home buying.

The company services nine states: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington.

Do Customers Like Innovative Mortgage Alliance?

Customers love Innovative Mortgage Alliance. While the company is still growing — and therefore doesn’t have a huge amount of reviews — it has the time and personnel to dedicate their focus and expertise on each customer.

The company has received a perfect 5 out of 5 stars from customers on Best Company, a review site that checks and verifies customer reviews. In fact, Innovative Mortgage Alliance is the only company on our site that has a perfect review score.

The majority of the positive reviews take the time to thank their loan officer and also address the low rates and fees that the company offers.

Not only does Innovative Mortgage Alliance reach out to resolve customer concerns, the company also replies to positive feedback and offers additional information and help when previous borrowers need it.

The highly rated mortgage lender additionally produces goodwill among its customers by extending certain customer guarantees:

  • 3-week guaranteed closing.
  • Four business hour response time.
  • Twice weekly communication on filing process.
  • Company pays per diem if escrow closes late (for reasons within control).
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Rates & Fees

Unfortunately, the company’s site does not detail their mortgage products, whether they offer FHA or VA loans, or whether they have other programs to help lower income homebuyers.

Customers report that Innovative Mortgage Alliance has low rates and fees. That’s why we’ve given the company an ‘excellent’ rating for bath mortgage rates and origination fees charged.

Mortgage Requirements

Innovative Mortgage Alliance has a 3% down payment requirement, as well as a minimum credit score requirement of 600 for borrowers.

Of course, many of the standard requirements that mortgage lenders normally have depend on the loan type they’re pursuing.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the extent of the mortgage products offered by the company, so the requirements will largely remain hidden for now.

It may be a point of comfort to researching customers to know that we have yet to receive a negative review of the companys stating that they weren’t able to get the mortgage type they wanted.

Customer Service

One could argue that customer service is Innovative Mortgage Alliance’s bread and butter. The company focuses on customer concerns to the degree that they’ve achieved excellent customer review ratings on both Best Company and Google.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend Innovative Mortgage Alliance for customers who live within their area of service.

Unfortunately, there is little information on the company’s site about whether they’re able to help the low-income borrowers who might walk through their doors. The purpose of FHA, VA, and USDA loans is to be able to get low-income borrowers a loan with low/no credit scores or low/no down payment requirement.

However, if you are an average income borrower and live within the company’s area of service, we feel confident that Innovative Mortgage Alliance will be able to get you a great loan in a short period of time.

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